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Since 1998, Giggles World Corporation has been committed to supplying our customers with cutting-edge adult novelties and sex toys for the contemporary adult. And now, Giggles World presents its Adult Home Party Division!


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Our Home Party Kit products are of the highest quality and latest innovation and include adult novelties, adult sex toys, adult DVDs, adult videos, adult cosmetics, romance enhancing products, games, gifts, as well as the latest styles of lingerie, sexy shoes, and dance apparel.
Adult Wholesale Direct

Giggles World’s team of expert home party specialists have put together a sex toy home party kit like no other! The home party team brings years of home party business experience to your fingertips – learn how to host parties, place orders discreetly, fill orders, keep accurate records, and even set up your own home party website!

Adult Designs Direct

Whether it’s purchased through our retail stores, various online shopping sites, home parties, or distributorship – If it’s Giggles®, it’s HOT!

Giggles Glass Toys

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Upon purchasing the Giggles Home Parties Sales Program, you agree to the following terms: You are not an employee of Giggles World Corporation; you are not a franchisee of Giggles World Corporation; you are not permitted to use the Giggles name for your parties, the Giggles logo appears as an EXAMPLE only on the business card, post card, and name tag templates. You should delete the Giggles logo and apply your own, unique logo or information on them. The Home Party Information Kit contains copyrighted material, which includes trade secrets. Therefore, all  home party kit products are non-refundable.